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Las Vegas Pain
Management Clinic

You have choices when it comes to medical care, but the best pain management clinic in Las Vegas is located right here.


Su Spine & Sports
9260 West Sunset Road
Suite 306
Las Vegas, NV 89148


Dr. Peter Su
Pain Medicine Specialist

Las Vegas Pain Management Center

Su Spine & Sports

You deserve to know what Su Spine & Sports is all about — and why it’s considered to provide a standard of pain management care that’s recognized to be among the best in the area. It’s a combination of highly talented staff, exceptional pain doctors and physicians and top-rated pain management equipment. It all adds up to interventional treatment for pain that’s second to none.

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With Our Help, You Can
Live A Pain Free Life

Our entire Pain Management Clinic has qualified Board Certified medical doctors who are fellowship skilled in both interventional spinal column and pain management. Our medical doctors are graduates of the most highly regarded training curriculums in the U.S.

With widespread training, our board-certified and fellowship-trained pain management medical doctors can guarantee that the sick get empathetic, excellent care, and the best treatments there are. Because of our exclusive multi-modal pain management procedure, we repeatedly succeed where others have been unsuccessful and we can effectively take our patients back to living more useful, vigorous, and prolific lives.


As research and individual experiences have shown, chronic pain can take a toll on the many aspects of our patients’ lives. These comprise, but are not limited to, economic, psychological, and spiritual elements. We at Su Spine & Sports recognize and understand your pain and embrace treating not only your symptoms but also the whole body as a system. We use a multi-disciplinary strategy to develop and execute extremely specialized and independently developed treatments and procedures for all our patients. We create these programs with the contribution of other board-certified medical doctors and specialists in the medical community to ensure that you are receiving outstanding medical care.


A Complete Approach
to Pain Management

Su Spine & Sports, the best pain management clinic in Las Vegas, is a full-service pain control center that uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in the United States.

When you visit with a complaint of pain — whether it’s centered in your head or in your toes — you’re assured of getting the best care because it all starts with an accurate diagnosis. But that’s not all that sets this pain management clinic apart from the rest.

Conditions we treat

Caudal Epidural
Steroid Injections

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Hip Arthogram
with Anesthesia

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Tailor Made Treatments
Just for you...

One of the most advanced pain management centers in Las Vegas, this clinic focuses on interventional pain management. By relying on minimally invasive treatments and surgeries, when necessary, you get regenerative medical treatments that stop your pain and start your healing. The center offers fast, effective procedures for a range of injuries and disorders

You’re treated in a comfortable, modern setting, where the caring staff and talented doctors are polite and respectful. Most pain-relieving procedures are performed on-site, so everything happens under one roof.

Pain Management Treatments



A commitment to excellence. Striving to help each patient live a better quality of life with less pain. Providing pain management services that improve the overall health of those we serve.


By creating a culture of excellence, innovation, quality, safety, and service, provide evidence-based, precision interventional pain management services and physical therapy that target the various causes of acute and chronic pain in our patients.

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