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Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

The minimally invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion is a surgical procedure that assists patients suffering from SI joint pain get back to their daily routines.

Sacroiliac joint pain is often mistaken for lumbar, or lower back, pain. Because the Sacroiliac joint sits at the base of the spine, SI joint compression or injury can cause debilitating pain when sitting or standing.

Our minimally invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion is performed through a small incision in the back, and works to reduce or eliminate this type of pain altogether. During the procedure, our expert surgeons are able to perform a fusion of the pelvis and the sacrum, adding increased stability to the area. This allows any impinged nerves or the spinal cord to be decompressed, releasing any pain or associated symptoms the patient may be experiencing.

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

The most common complaint from patients suffering from sacroiliac joint pain is that they have lost the critical ability to walk or stand for extended (or any) period of time. Our Sacroiliac Joint Fusion seeks to eliminate these symptoms, allowing patients to get back to their daily activities.

We understand the impact that this type of pain can have on a patient’s life, which is why we offer the minimally invasive alternative to traditional Sacroiliac Joint Fusion surgery. Benefits of our minimally invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion include:

  • Reduced risk of infection and complication
  • Shorter or no hospital stay
  • Small incision
  • Minimal scarring or muscle damage
  • Shorter overall recovery

These advantages over traditional open Sacroiliac Joint Fusion allows you to spend less time in recovery, and more time getting back to your life.

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