Important notice on our opioid policy

Opioid Policy Notice

A notice to our patients regarding our opioid policy.

Our evidenced-based approach incorporates therapies, medications, as well as interventional procedures all in the hopes of diminishing overall pain levels, and hopefully reducing opioid intake and increasing functionality. Opioid medications are considered in this approach but may not always be appropriate. There has been a marked increase in the numbers of prescription drug addictions, overdoses, and even deaths over the past decade, so non-opioid options are always considered as part of the treatment plan.

The Su Spine & Sports Clinic strives to practice prescribing opioid medications in a responsible manner, considering Federal and State guidelines, which may result in not prescribing an opioid with a benzodiazepine. To ensure the greatest patient safety, we utilize random urine drug testing, medical record review, and check the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program system to ensure that controlled substances are being utilized as agreed in the treatment plan. We approach each patient as an individual as each circumstance is different.