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Genicular Nerve Block

A genicular nerve block is designed to diagnose and treat chronic knee pain. Typically, a genicular nerve block is an injection containing both a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid.

The injection is administered into one or more genicular nerves of the knee. There are three main articular branches of genicular nerves, called the superior medial, superior lateral, and interior medial. The genicular block injection bathes genicular nerve branches in medication, which interrupts the pain signals on their way to your brain

Genicular Nerve Block

We can perform a genicular nerve block and genicular nerve ablation as an outpatient procedure. The injection itself should take only 15 to 20 minutes. You can leave after your procedure, but you should make arrangements for someone to drive you home.

At your appointment, your doctor will cleanse and numb the injection site. Next, the injection will be administered under fluoroscopic guidance. This is a type of imaging technology that helps the doctor to accurately place the needle tip using x-ray guidance.

Chronic knee pain can take a toll on your daily life. It keeps you from your favorite activities, saps you of your productivity, and diminishes your overall quality of life. A Genicular Nerve Block may be the answer to your pain management for chronic knee pain.

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